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When you need lenses to correct vision problems, eyeglasses offer a stylish and convenient option. Today, there are several designs, colors, and shapes to choose from when you need a new pair of glasses. At Harrisburg Eye Associates in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, experienced opthamologist Alexander Szeles II, DO, and his dedicated team offer eyeglass prescriptions for adults and children. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more about glasses prescriptions.

Glasses Prescriptions Q & A

Why might I need glasses prescriptions?

You might need a glasses prescription if you need corrective lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other vision problems. 


When it comes to choosing a pair of eyeglasses, your options can seem overwhelming. Eyeglasses come in several shapes, styles, colors, and designs. To get a pair of glasses that enhance your appearance, it’s important to take different factors into consideration, such as the shape of your face, your eye color, and your hair color. 


But prior to choosing stylish glasses, you’ll need a glasses prescription at Harrisburg Eye Associates. The team can help you determine if you’ll need a single or multifocal lens prescription. 

What are the different types of glasses prescriptions?

If you have a strong prescription, you can have slimmer, high-index lenses. In addition to having thinner lenses, your glasses will be more comfortable and feel more lightweight overall. The Harrisburg Eye Associates team can help you get high-index lenses if you have a strong prescription.

You can also cut down on glare by choosing lenses with anti-reflective coating. This type of coating allows you to see more clearly in bright settings and makes your eyes more visible to other people. Anti-reflective coating can also make it more comfortable for your eyes to stare at a computer screen without experiencing strain.

If you’re interested in changing the tint outside and inside, the team may recommend photochromic lenses, and they’re a great option if you go outdoors often. Photochromic lenses change tint when they’re exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This provides your eyes with protection from the damaging effects of these rays. The team can let you know if photochromic lenses are a good option for you after a comprehensive eye exam.

How often do I need glasses prescriptions?

You should get a new prescription any time your vision changes. If you go for routine eye exams annually or every few years, you’ll know if you need a stronger prescription. 

However, if you experience trouble seeing in between exams, you should let the team at Harrisburg Eye Associates know. They’ll examine your eyes using a refraction test to see if you’ve had any vision changes. If so, they can prescribe you a new pair of eyeglasses.

If you need glasses prescriptions, call Harrisburg Eye Associates or book an appointment online today.