Dry Eye Disease Evaluations & Treatment

Dry Eye Disease is a condition in which patients fail to have a normal tear film covering the surface of their eyes. This can occur because of a lack of healthy tear production, or it can occur due to tear loss or early evaporation. Dry Eye is one of the common causes of blurred vision, especially blurred vision that fluctuates. It is also a major cause of eye discomfort. It is more common with age, certain medical conditions (like Rheumatoid Arthritis), use of certain medications (like diuretics and allergy medications), and previous eye surgery. 

Dry Eye Disease is diagnosed with an eye exam. Treatment is often includes the following:

  • Artificial Tear Eye Drops: These eye drops can be purchased over the counter, and there are many brands that can be used.

  • Punctal occlusion (Either temporary or permanent): utilized to keep your natural tears on the surface of your eye longer. 

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements 

  • Lubricating Eye Ointments prior to sleep

  • Prescription Eye Drops: These prescriptions are considered once other measures have been attempted.